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Quilling Love Birds!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Hello friends!

Learn how to make these super easy cute little quilling love birds. Put this on your wall, your table, or whichever place you would like to beautify.

Let's get started!


  • A solid base such as a cardboard piece

  • Quilling strips

  • The quilling tool ( Can also be done by hand)

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • A black marker/ sketch pen


  1. We will start by making the birds. Choose any two desired colours. I chose peach and pink. It would be better to choose some light colors. The size of the birds depends on the size of the base you use. Make a petal shape out of the quilling strip as shown. Before securing it with glue, place it over your base to be sure of the size of your bird. Now for the other bird make a coil out of the strip and place it over the first bird to adjust and get the same size. Now to make the eyes take a black strip and make two small coils of approximately the same size and paste it on the upper portion of the bird's body as shown. Congrats! You are ready with your two little love birds. Keep them aside and let us jump to the second step.                                                 

2. Choose a shade of green for the branches. For the main branch place the strip over the cardboard to be sure of the size before cutting. Paste as shown in the picture. We will make the other branches later because first we need to make the black rope.


3. So now in the lower portion of the cardboard try to make out the centre and paste the two birds as shown. Take a black strip, place it below the two birds and fold the two ends as shown. Paste when you are satisfied with the look. Now cut two black strips to make ropes for attaching the birds to the main branch and paste as shown.   



4. Now grab your green strip to make the other branches. Cut small lengths of the strip and paste as shown. The number of small branches depends on the size of your base. For the coils at the end of the branches, you would need the strips of the same colour as used for making the birds. Make three coils for each branch. Making the topmost coil slightly smaller than the other two would give it a better look. Paste as shown.             


5. Now for the last and final step you need to grab your black sketch pen and make an outline of the base. 



  You are ready with your beautiful creation !!!

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I'll be back with another project... Until then, XOXO  Aaraadhya

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