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Print your own Cushion Case!

Festive season's around the corner and each one of us has started decorating our homes. Some of us renovate our homes while some rearrange the furniture to give the house a new look. For me, it begins with refurbishing my place with new bed linen, scattering vibrant cushions and pillows, spreading rugs etc.

This year I thought of doing up my space by using some traditional ideas. Inspired by the artistic Indian heritage I stirred up my creativity to give a sober and ethnic look to the cushion covers in my drawing-room. Printing with blocks is quite easy. Guys, the bonus is that you wouldn't be paying through your nose. You just need some plain cushion covers and you can even reuse your old ones. Now let's kick-start our frolicsome project.


  1. Plain Cushion Cover

  2. Wooden Blocks

  3. Acrylic Fabric Paints

  4. Paint Brush

  5. Plate

  6. Piece of Cardboard or stiff Card stock

What to do:

1. Now before you begin with block printing I would recommend you to iron the cover to remove any wrinkles

2. Secondly, you need to insert the cardboard inside the cushion cover. This will give us a stiff base to easily press the block. You need not match the size of the cardboard with that of the cover. You can keep moving the cardboard under the cover as you go on printing.

3. Now spread the cover on a flat base or table to begin with the main process.

4. Start by applying Acrylic paint to the block. I find a lot of people facing difficulty in choosing the correct paints for block printing. So let me tell you that Acrylic paints would definitely work. Please don't be overgenerous with the paint while doing this as you do not want to spoil your work.

5. Start printing from the top right corner of the cover. Apply the pressure evenly on the block as you print. This is how the first print looks like.

7. Here is the first row. I decided to print four of such designs for the top row and three for the second one.

8. Here's how the two rows look like. Continue with the same pattern.

9. Voilà! It's done. Now just be patient and allow it to dry for 5 to 6 hours.

Your DIY Block Printed Cushion Cover is ready! Now all you need to do is slip it on a cushion and place it on a couch.

Bet you've enjoyed making this and will print a set to gift your loved ones. Share this idea with all the other craft lovers. Trust me, they'll love it.

Keep Crafting...Keep Creating

- Aaraadhya.

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