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DIY Modern Art Wall Decor.

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

We all love to embellish our plain walls and tables at home. And you would agree that looking at the same home decor over and over again gets really boring.

I was staring at the unadorned wall behind my side table and wondering how it should be restyled. I thought of creating something innovative and displaying my craft skills on my wall. So I ended up making this simple and new-fashioned DIY Modern Art Wooden Wall Decor. And as always I became super excited and couldn't resist sharing this fun-filled project with you guys.


  • Flat Piece of wood

  • Acrylic Paints

  • Piece of Sponge

  • Tape


1. I would advise you to spread a newspaper as this work can be a bit messy and you don't want to spoil your table. Keep the piece of wood on it. Choose a colour for the lines on the wood piece. I chose blue. Now pour some colour on a wide base like a plate to make the process easier. Dab the paint on the entire wooden surface. Once this dries up you need to add one more coat of paint.

2. Now for the next step, you need to put tape on this painted piece of wood to get the pattern.

3. Take the other color you chose for this project. Pour some on the plate, dab the sponge to get the color. Now cover the wooden piece with this color completely.

You would notice that this first coat of red color is pretty translucent. That's why we need a double coat.

4. After the second coat dries up, start peeling off the tape carefully.

How amazing this looks after removing all the tape!

Now it's time to hang it up on the wall or place it on the table!

I'm so glad I got this idea. You can go crazy and play with colors to get different combinations. l really had fun making this project as colors are one of my favorite craft supplies. This project allows you to create endless designs and each of them would look simply amazing. They would not only brighten up the bare walls but also remind you of how artistic you are every time you come across it.

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