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DIY Leaf Bowl

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Hey friends!

This time I was thinking why not make something beautiful as well as useful. So I'm back with another project that I'm sure you all would love. Learn how to make this lovely leaf bowl and use it as a showpiece, a trinket holder,  or for any other desired purpose. Have fun while doing the project and share your experience in the comment section.

Let's get started! 



  • Air dry clay/ Polymer clay

  • A Bowl

  • Cling film roll

  • Rolling pin

  • Knife

  • A leaf

  • Paints and paint brush

  • Varnish


1.Take the clay and flatten it by rolling it out using the rolling pin. Keep it slightly bigger than the size of the leaf. Ensure that the  thickness is even .Now place the leaf on top of the flattened out clay as shown. Gently roll the rolling pin over the leaf to get an impression of the leaf on the clay.         


2.Using the knife cut out the clay along the edges of the leaf as shown. Now gently pull off the leaf from the clay without smudging the impression of the leaf. 


3. Place the cling film inside the bowl. We are doing this so that we can easily set the leaf cut out inside the bowl to get the desired shape and it would also prevent the clay to stick to the bowl.                                                   

4. Now place the leaf cut out inside the bowl as shown. This step is a bit tricky but doing it with patience would give the best results. Wait till it dries completely (it will take about 24 hours).   

5.While it dries we can start making the rose. So take a small piece of the clay and flatten it to make an oval. Roll this oval. Now make similar ovals and wrap them around the main roll for making the rose petals. Keep it aside to dry. 

6. Let us get back to the leaf bowl now. Ensure that the clay is completely dry. Now take out the cling film from the bowl and gently separate the clay leaf. Grab the paints for the most interesting part. Choose a shade of green and paint both sides of the leaf.

7. While the paint on the leaf is set to dry grab a color for the rose and paint it. After the paint on both the leaf and rose dries up stick the rose at the end of the clay leaf as shown.

8. The last step is to apply varnish to your leaf bowl to give it a finished look. 


You can also take a look at the tutorial video below.  

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Until then,                                                                  



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