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DIY Heartfelt Gift Ideas.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Hey guys!

Are you all looking for something fun to do? I have been brainstorming quite a lot and was looking for new stuff to innovate. This year we've got a lot of sad instances which make us remember how important it is to celebrate our loved ones. And what would be better to do than gift them with something you invested your work and love in? And those expensive gift shops may be earning a lot but these handmade gifts have the love that hits different. So I came up with some cool and simple gift ideas that would surely bring a smile to the recipient's face.

1. Honeycomb Side Table Decor

If you are an ice cream lover just like me then I'm sure you would be having a lot of Popsicle sticks lying around? So being a craft lover why not collect those sticks and put them to some good use by trying out this DIY gift project? Make a hexagon by overlapping the ends of the stick and continue pasting.

2. Sweet Message Scrolls

This is one of my favourite ideas as I had done this for my mom's birthday, and she was really glad to be gifted it. So basically what I did was I asked my family members to write a short and sweet birthday message for her (on a coloured paper), rolled it and tied it with a ribbon, and put all of them inside a box. It is very certain that you would have relatives living away from you and you want to include their messages also but have no way to do that. In this case, you can ask them to write their messages on paper and send a picture of it. You can then easily take a print out of it, cut it and roll it the same way. This gift would be cherished for always and forever. (Ensure that your printer is functional and if that is not the case please do not pick a fight with your brother as you will not be able to succeed in this project without his help if he is the only one in the family who knows how to fix it.😅😂)

3. Photograph Flip-book

Pictures are clicked to capture memories. The use of albums has literally disappeared in this era of Technology. And we wouldn't deny that albums are much closer to one's heart than the photos on the phone. So why not gift your loved ones a collection of some of their best memories by making a photograph flip-book that will always remain with them?

4. Perfect Present Gift Box

Do not throw away the empty juice tetra paks and cardboard boxes, you might need them later. So if you are planning to gift your loved one items such as home made chocolates and candies, cosmetics like chapsticks, handmade soaps, etc…etc…etc then what would be better than putting them inside a gift box made by you?

Here I used a Tetra Pak by cutting off its upper portion, cutting the edges a little, and wrapping the leftover with a floral tissue paper( a glue to stick it would work).

To close the box make holes on each of the upper lids to insert a ribbon.

Tie a simple bow knot and it's done!

5.DIY Block Printed Pillow Covers

This DIY Block Printed Cover would be a perfect gift for someone who loves home decor items. And in case you don't have blocks, vegetable printing wouldn't be a bad idea. Remember to use acrylic/fabric paints only!

6.DIY Clay Leaf Jewellery Dish

All the jewellery scattered here and there? Wouldn't it be an awesome idea to gift your mom, sister, or aunt with this beautiful DIY jewellery dish? Are you a regular viewer of my blog? I'm glad if the answer is 'Yes'. So for this DIY gift you need to follow the same procedure as you did for the leaf bowl. Click here to get started.

7.DIY Souvenir

While taking a stroll on the pristine beaches of Mauritius I collected some beautiful shells and decided to create a lifelong memory by making this DIY Sticky Note Fridge Magnet. This gift would be an excellent idea for your travel partners. I'm sure they would love it.

When you invest time and effort into maintaining good relations and make your dear ones feel special through your loving gestures, the bonds are sure to be strong forever.

I'll be back with more projects very soon.

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