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Most Sparkly Glitter Craft Ideas!

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Hey glitter lovers!

Glitter is the best way to make your things look super cool, fancy, and dazzling. The shiny stuff always catches one's eye. It's also really fun to use and that is why it's one of my favorite craft supplies. I had not used any glitter article for a long time and so they were lying deep inside my craft cupboard. I had all kinds and colors of glitter sheets, glitter glue, glitter powder, glitter paint, and so on. I took them out, kept them on the table, and started wondering how I could put them to use. So here are some amazing ideas I came up with. Scroll down and pick your favorite one to try it today.

1. Glitter Tea Lights

Are you bored of using the same plain and simple white-colored tea light candles again and again? Are you planning to buy some colored ones the next time? Why not add a touch of glitter and sparkle to it on your own? I think it would be a fab idea to make your own glitter tea lights. They look so vibrant, colorful, and shiny.

So for this DIY, you would require desired colors of glitter glue, white tea lights, and a paintbrush. Put some glitter glue on the candle itself and spread it evenly using the paintbrush. Remember to keep the wick upright before you start. You can also paint its holder using the same color. You can even use a powder glitter and modge podge. Apply modge podge on the tea light and sprinkle the powder glitter over it. Once it dries, the extra glitter can be dusted off. Doesn't this look awe-inspiring?!

2. DIY Glittery Pouch

Don't these glitter cases look so classy and mod? Guess what, these are made using foam glitter sheets. These are so easy to makes that would want to try it right now! This would also be a perfect back-to-school craft. This has not one use but many. You can use it as a stationary kit, as a makeup case, a jewelry holder, and whatnot. By the way, I'm using it for storing random craft stuff which now makes my table a little less cluttered. So grab a glitter sheet, a matching zipper, and a hot glue gun. Ensure to use the glue gun safely as you don't want to burn your finger like I did. You can even use fabric glue. I tried using it but then it did not work for both pouches. The blue one is made using fabric glue and the pink one using a glue gun.

Now follow these steps to make your very own glitter case.

  • Place the glitter sheet on a flat surface with the glitter side facing down.

  • Now place the zipper in the middle of the sheet. Stick the edges of the sheet to the zipper. You can even attach a tassel to the zip.

  • Now stick both the open sides of it. Presto! It's ready.

Enjoyed crafting this pouch? Go ahead and click here to make a fabric case.

3. Glitter Notebooks

I always keep a small notebook in my bag. But what is the fun to keep a boring, unadorned notebook? Glitter works like magic, so I decided to glitterify this notebook and this looks damn cool and adorable. I'm that person who would deliberately keeping looking at these notebooks once I finish making them. It is a facile, fun-to-do, and low-cost craft as well. Go ahead, reuse and convert your plain notebook to a dazzling and stunning one by giving it a sparkly touch of glitter. Trust me. you're gonna adore it.

4. Glitter Belt

Just strapping a shiny belt around your waist is a great idea to dress up using minimal accessories. This belt need not be a new or expensive stuff, you can just refurbish your old one which has been lying unused for a long time. So in a way you are reusing things and reducing wastage. The major good that you are doing is saving your money as you can get things ready at just about no cost at all. Check out the tutorial and make one for yourself in a jiffy.

NOTE: I would recommend you to apply a layer of modge podge by dabbing the paintbrush after the glitter dries up. It will help the glitter to stay permanently.

5. Glitter Headband

Wearing a shiny, sparkly and glittery headband on your beautiful hair would make you look stylish and classy. You can accessorize yourself for a party by simply wearing this glittery headband. This would also be a perfect gift idea for teenage girls. Yes, now you can make this headband on your own by using only three supplies which include a plain headband, favorite color of glitter powder, and mod podge. You just need to apply mod podge on the hairband, sprinkle glitter generously, let dry, and dust off the extra glitter. Ready!!

6.Glittery Padlocks

Using a glittery padlock for securing your luggage while traveling would look super cute, attractive, and gorgeous, isn't that so? You can even use it to keep your secret diary safe. I even attached a key ring to it and that looks super cool, right? So basically this is a multi-purpose thing and you would love it this way. Here's how you can make it:

So that's all for this blog post. The best thing about all these ideas is that you are making them at almost no cost. Do let me know in the comments which one you liked the most. You can even send me pictures of what you made on my Instagram handle. I would be delighted to see them all.

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- Aaraadhya

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